作者:  麦金尼 (Wes McKinney)

出版社: 东南大学出版社

ISBN: 7564142049


What Is This Book About?
Why Python for Data Analysis?
Python as Glue
Solving the "Two—Language" Problem
Why Not Python?
Essential Python Libraries
Installation and Setup
Apple OS X
Python 2 and Python 3
Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)
Community and Conferences
Navigating This Book
Code Examples
Data for Examples
Import Conventions
2.Introductory Examples
1.usa.gov data from bit.ly
Counting Time Zones in Pure Python
Counting Time Zones with pandas
MovieLens 1M Data Set
Measuring rating disagreement
US Baby Names 1880—2010
Analyzing Naming Trends
Conclusions and The Path Ahead
3.IPython:An Interactive Computing and Development Environment
IPython Basics
Tab Completion
The %run Command
Executing Code from the Clipboard
Keyboard Shortcuts
Exceptions and Tracebacks
Magic Commands
Qt—based Rich GUI Console
Matplotlib Integration and Pylab Mode
Using the Command History
Searching and Reusing the Command History
Input and Output Variables
Logging the Input and Output
Interacting with the Operating System
Shell Commands and Aliases
Directory Bookmark System
Software Development Tools
Interactive Debugger
Timing Code: %time and %timeit
Basic Profiling: %prun and %run —p
Profiling a Function Line—by—Line
IPython HTML Notebook
Tips for Productive Code Development Using IPython
Reloading Module Dependencies
Code Design Tips
Advanced IPython Features
Making Your Own Classes IPython—friendly
Profiles and Configuration
4.NumPy Basics:Arrays and Vectorized Computation
The NumPy ndarray: A Multidimensional Array Object
Creating ndarrays
Data Types for ndarrays
Operations between Arrays and Scalars
Basic Indexing and Slicing
Boolean Indexing
Fancy Indexing
Transposing Arrays and Swapping Axes
Universal Functions: Fast Element—wise Array Functions
Data Processing Using Arrays
Expressing Conditional Logic as Array Operations
Mathematical and Statistical Methods
Methods for Boolean Arrays
Unique and Other Set Logic
File Input and Output with Arrays
Storing Arrays on Disk in Binary Format
Saving and Loading Text Files
Linear Algebra
Random Number Generation
Example: Random Walks
Simulating Many Random Walks at Once
5.Getting Started with pandas
Introduction to pandas Data Structures
Index Objects
Essential Functionality
Dropping entries from an axis
Indexing, selection, and filtering
Arithmetic and data alignment
Function application and mapping
Sorting and ranking
Axis indexes with duplicate values
Summarizing and Computing Descriptive Statistics
Correlation and Covariance
Unique Values, Value Counts, and Membership
Handling Missing Data
Filtering Out Missing Data
Filling in Missing Data
Hierarchical Indexing
Reordering and Sorting Levels
Summary Statistics by Level
Using a DataFrame's Columns
Other pandas Topics
Integer Indexing
Panel Data
5.Data Loading, Storage, and File Formats
Reading and Writing Data in Text Format
Reading Text Files in Pieces
Writing Data Out to Text Format
Manually Working with Delimited Formats
XML and HTML: Web Scraping
Binary Data Formats
Using HDF5 Format
Reading Microsoft Excel Files
Interacting with HTML and Web APIs
Interacting with Databases
Storing and Loading Data in MongoDB
7.Data Wrangling: Clean, Transform, Merge, Reshape
Combining and Merging Data Sets
Database—style DataFrame Merges
Merging on Index
Concatenating Along an Axis
Combining Data with Overlap
Reshaping and Pivoting
Reshaping with Hierarchical Indexing
Pivoting "long" to "wide" Format
Data Transformation
Removing Duplicates
Transforming Data Using a Function or Mapping
Replacing Values
Renaming Axis Indexes
Discretization and Binning
Detecting and Filtering Outliers
Permutation and,Random Sampling
Computing Indicator/Dummy Variables
String Manipulation
String Object Methods
Regular expressions
Vectorized string functions in pandas
Example: USDA Food Database
8.Plotting and Visualization
9.Data Aggregation and Group Operations
10.Time Series
11.Financial and Economic Data Applications
12.Advanced NumPy
Appendix:Python Language Essentials

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